J e s u s    T h o u g h t s
Because He Paid the Price

Where is the shame?

The day before Mother's Day, 2013, I had accompanied my wife in support of her marathon run in San Diego, California. Lot of people there. The master of ceremonies of the event kicked off the Mother's Day run wearing an approximately 12" square wrapped gift box attached to his trousers fly. Yup, at the front of his crotch. He called it his "Mother's Day present. And no one cringed. I looked around me. No one seemed shocked. This was in a public place, in front of thousands.

Jim Morrison, leader of the rock band The Doors, was jailed back in the 60s for less than this. Call me old-fashioned, but I am increasingly shocked by our culture's inability to be ashamed of outlandish, iconoclastic, shamefully immoral behavior. Is it television that has numbed us? Are we so inured by all things immoral that we have no morals left? The Bible has it right when it says,

"They were not ashamed, they did not how how to blush (Jeremiah 6:15)."