J e s u s    T h o u g h t s
Because He Paid the Price

The Ten Commandments

The Bible's 10 commandments are generally misunderstood by most folks. Religions in particular, such as Mormonism for example, and others, view the 10 commandents as an entrance examination, God's requirements for admittance into heaven. The Bible does not support that view. In reality the 10 commandments are a legal judgement, an indictment, if you will. The apostle Paul in Colossians calls them the "certificate of debt" (2:14) that is "hostile to us.". Once we appreciate that, we can then see that the 10 commandments are a mirror; they show us ourselves, stripped of all our sophisticated coverings and excuses. Paul says in Romans that "through the law comes the knowledge of sin" (3:20). The 10 commandments were never given for us to keep. It is impossible to keep them, impossible for us to change ourselves. And that is their point. To bring us to the realization that we are helpless to rehabilitate ourselves.

Far from being a path to God, the ten commandments are path to the electric chair (the modern euivalent of the cross). Not an encouragment but a curse. Not an indicator but an indictment. Trust He who met the requirements of the ten commandments for you.