J e s u s    T h o u g h t s
Because He Paid the Price


I'm of the opinion that we really don't realize the depth to which illicit sex has corrupted society. As a Christian this has always been at the forefront of my consciousness: I am offended daily by the sexual swirl all around me in conversations, in advertising, is media. You can't be a Christian and not feel like a fish out of water in regard to sexuality today. It boggles my mind how much everyone takes sex in absolutely any form as a sort of entitlement, a natural and reasonable activity. And as I have said elsewhere, I pray I am never inured to the depraved condition of our era.

Recently however this pervasive ill was brought even more sharply into focus. I was called to jury duty. During jury selection for a child molestation case, the two attorneys did the usual screening out of those jurors they felt would least help them win their case. But an astonishing thing happened. More than two-thirds of the prospective jurors (including myself) answered that they personally knew someone either accused of or a victim of sexual abuse. One juror said he had witnessed his own mother being raped when he was a child! My heart went out to these people, weeping inside while many of them showed tears of pain.

But I grieve for mankind even more. Modern society is sick. Worse, it is conditioned and apathetic and blase in matters of sexuality.