J e s u s    T h o u g h t s
Because He Paid the Price


They say man's ultimate longing is to be loved. Since love is such a highly interpretive idea today, let's restate this idea in another way. Let's say that man's ultimate longing is to be fulfilled. Ah. That's clearer, isn't it? To be fulfilled. That is, to be complete, whole, needed, useful, significant, purposeful, valued. Almost any one of these by itself captures the essence of being loved.

The Bible zeros in on this fulfillment thing when it says,

"A sated man loathes honey. But to a famished man any bitter thing is sweet (Prov 27:7)."

One who does not know their value, their identity, their meaning, their purpose, is always striving for it; striving to be fulfilled. That is the famished one, and he will always grasp at things with which to become fulfilled. But things cannot fulfill, because everything apart from Jesus is ultimately unable to fullfill. Sex, acceptance, recognition, accomplishment, success, reputation, money, possessions, drugs, pleasure, friends, family. Enjoyable temporarily. And good things in their own right. But do any really fulfill? In the long run? They do not. The vacuum remains. Solomon said as much in the Bible's book of Ecclesiastes. After all the pursuits Solomon, as the most successful monarch on earth at the time, could engage in, he summed it up with,

"...all is vanity (useless), all is striving after the wind (Eccles 2:4-11, 1:14)."

The sated person on the other hand lives life filled up. He has no longing for fulfillment, whether by acceptance or any of the other things. What people think of him is not the desparate anxiety it once was. The constant need for diversion and entertainment is gone. The continuous pursuit of he knows not what, is over. "Loathing honey" means nothing can unseat the fulfilled person's reliance on the One who satisfies, the One who fills and fulfills.

I pray that whether a Christian or not, you will recognize that nothing can fulfill you, satisfy you, satiate you apart from Jesus.