J e s u s    T h o u g h t s
Because He Paid the Price

The Bible Said it First

Pithy Sayings, Well-Worn Phrases and Ideas
Originating in the Bible

Forbidden FruitGen 2:17;3:3
Adam's AppleGen 3:6
Can't Get Blood From a TurnipGen 4:3-5
"Not My Turn to Watch Him..."Gen 4:9
"Don't Mess With Me!"Gen 4:23-24
"It's All Good"Gen 50:20
Eye for An EyeEx 21:23-24
"Carved in stone..."Ex 31:18
"Holy Cow!"Ex 32:8
"...only human..."Ex 32:22
Ignorance of the Law no ExcuseLev 5:17
The "Eternal Flame"Lev 6:13
"Scapegoat"Lev 16:8
"(More Than You Can) Shake a Stick At"Lev 27:32
The "Age of Majority"Numbers 1:3;14:29
Something "Coming Out of Your (Ears)"Numbers 11:20
"Teachable Moments"Deu 6:4-9
Apple of The EyeDeu 32:10
"(Johnny) Come Lately"Deu 32:17
"Vengeance is Mine, Saith the Lord"Deu 32:35-36
What Goes Around Comes AroundDeu 32:35
Getting your feet wetJosh 3:13, 15
"What can I say...?"Josh 7:8
The "Goyim"Judges 4:2
(Taking One's) Life in (One's) HandsJudges 12:3
"(A) Shibboleth"Judges 12:6
"You S.O.B.!"I Sam 20:30
"I Don't Know if I'm Coming or Going"I Kgs 3:7
Ivory Throne (Tower)II Chr 9:17
"No Skin Off My (His) Nose"Job 2:4
"It's all good."II Kgs 4:26
"There's death in the pot!"II Kgs 4:40
"Master of the house"Est 1:22
"I Can't Take Any More!"Job 6:12
"You'll be Sorry When I'm Gone!"Job 7:21
"You Windbag!"Job 8:2
Forcing a SmileJob 9:27
From Womb to TombJob 10:19
"Smart Alecks!"Job 12:2
"Walk a Mile in My Shoes, Bud!"Job 12:5
"So What Else is New?"Job 13:1-2
"How Would You Like it if This Happened to You?"Job 13:9
"You're a Lot of Help!"Job 16:1-2
"You Have Yet to Prove It"Job 19:4
"What About Your Own Guilt?"Job 19:29
"God is Unfair!"Job 21:23-26
The Earth's AxisJob 26:7
The Earth's CircumferenceJob 26:10
"I'm Not That Bad"Job 27:6
Out of the Mouths of BabesPs 8:2
"God is Dead"Ps 10:4
Those Who Pray for Others on Sun and Prey on Them on MonPs 28:3
Out of Sight, Out of MindPs 31:12
"In God (we) I trust."Ps 56:11
To the Victor Go the SpoilsPs 68:18
"Bite the Dust"Ps 72:9
"What About Them, Lord?"Ps 73:1-8
Life's Threescore and TenPs 90:10
The Four Levels of LearningProv 1:1-4
"When I Was Your Age, Son..."Prov 4:3
The "Eats, Sleeps, Drinks" (Obsessive) SyndromeProv 4:16-17
The "Highway to Hell"Prov 7:27
Cheaters Never ProsperProv 10:2
Hard Work PaysProv 10:4
Make Hay While the Sun ShinesProv 10:5
Be Kind to AnimalsProv 12:10
Spare the Rod, Spoil the ChildProv 13:24
Laughing on the Outside, Crying on the InsideProv 14:13
Money Has FriendsProv 14:20
Type "B" BehaviorProv 14:30
"Naughty or Nice"Prov 15:3
The Hungry Work HarderProv 16:26
Fairweather FriendsProv 17:17
The Strong, Silent TypeProv 17:28
Gossip DestroysProv 18:8
As To Raising Kids, Values Better Caught Than TaughtProv 20:7
Gray Hair an HonorProv 20:29
Haste Makes WasteProv 21:5
Children Are Like Wet CementProv 22:6
"It's a Jungle Out There!"?Prov 22:13
Money Flies Away on WingsProv 23:5
"I'll Just Have a Little Hair of the Dog that Bit Me"Prov 23:25
Adversity Tests IntegrityProv 24:10
Don't Gloat Over Your Enemy's MisfortuneProv 24:17
Don't Blow Your Own HornProv 25:6
Word PicturesProv 25:11
Don't Overstay Your WelcomeProv 25:17
When the Wise and the Fool Argue, Which is Which?Prov 26:4
Where There's Smoke, There's FireProv 26:20
The "Postal Syndrome"Prov 26:23-26
What Goes Around, Comes AroundProv 26:27
Don't Blow Your Own HornProv 27:2
The Kiss of DeathProv 27:6
A Rude AwakeningProv 27:14
Cheaters Never ProsperProv 28:13
Flattery Will Get You NowhereProv 28:23
"Losing" One's TemperProv 29:11
Tattle TaleProv 30:10
Sun Comes Up Behind You AgainEccl 1:5-5
Nature Abhors a VacuumEccl 1:7
History Repeats ItselfEccl 1:9
Nothing New Under the SunEccl 1:9
Forget the Lessons of the Past and You Will Repeat ThemEccl 1:11
"My Mind Won't Shut Off at Night!"Eccl 2:23
Everything in Its TimeEccl 3:1
It's a "Dog Eat Dog" WorldEccl 4:4
Two Heads Are Better Than OneEccl 4:9
A Man of Few WordsEccl 5:2
Beauracracy Promotes ItselfEccl 5:8
The Working Man's Sleep is SweetEccl 5:12
You Can't Take it With YouEccl 5:15
Life is What Happens While We're Making Other PlansEccl 5:20
From Hand to MouthEccl 6:7
Bird in Hand Worth Two in BushEccl 6:9
The Proof of the Pudding is in the EatingEccl 7:8
The "Good Old Days"Eccl 7:10-11
"The Good Die Young"Eccl 7:15
Don't be a "Know-It-All"Eccl 7:16
Eavesdroppers Ultimately Hear Bad Things About Themselves    Eccl 7:21
Cheaters never prosperEccl 8:8
Slow Justice Gives Liberty to EvilEccl 8:11
Eat, Drink and be MerryEccl 8:15
"Born Crazy"Eccl 9:3
Whatever You Do, Do It WellEccl 9:10
Survival of the Fittest (Natural Selection)Eccl 9:11
The So-Called "Peter Principle"Eccl 9:11
A Fly in the OintmentEccl 10:1
Might Isn't RightEccl 10:4
Murphy's LawEccl 10:8
Work Smart, Not HardEccl 10:10
Too Late to Close the Barn DoorEccl 10:11
The "Almighty Dollar"Eccl 10:19
"A Little Bird Told Me"Eccl 10:20
"Bread on the waters"Eccl 11:1
Don't Put All Your Eggs in One BasketEccl 11:2
If It Feels Good, Do ItEccl 11:9
Hell Hath no Fury Like a Woman ScornedSong 8:6
"Weak sister"Song 8:8-9
Beating Swords into PlowsharesIs 2:4
Four Corners of The EarthIs 11:12
"Lip Service"Is 29:13
Being a "Doormat"Is 51:23
Holier Than ThouIs 65:5
"Mother" NatureJer 2:27
"Have it Your Way"Jer 3:5
Might is not RightJer 23:10
"Cutting Corners"Jer 25:23
Counting SheepJer 33:13
Cutting cornersJer 49:32
No room to bitchLam 3:9
Sour GrapesEzek 18:2
"Whitewash"Ezek 22:28
The Writing on The WallDan 5:5
Like the Back of My HandDan 5:5
The Law of the Medes and Persians (Immutability)Dan 6:8
Sick and tired...Dan 8:27
Prepare to Meet Your MakerAmos 4:12
Out of the Frying Pan and Into the FireAmos 5:18-20
"Taking The Bull by the Horns"Amos 6:13
"Wait for it"Hab 2:3
"The bald eagle"Micah 1:16
The Other CheekMatt 5:39
The Extra MileMatt 5:41
Left Hand not Knowing the Right HandMatt 6:3
"Kingdom Come"Matt 6:10
The Golden RuleMatt 6:12
Don't Borrow Tomorrow's SorrowMatt 6:34
The "Straight and Narrow"Matt 7:13-14
Wolves in Sheep's ClothingMatt 7:15
The Blind Leading the BlindMatt 15:14
Red Sky at Night a Delight, at Morning a WarningMatt 16:1-3
Signs of the TimesMatt 16:3
What God Has Joined, No Can Man SeparateMatt 19:6
Practice What You PreachMatt 23:3
The Sheep and the GoatsMatt 25:33
Live by the Sword, Die by the SwordMatt 26:52
"I Wash My Hands of This"Matt 27:24
The "Four Winds"Mark 13:27
"Physician, Heal Thyself"Lk 4:23
Like Father, Like SonJn 5:19
Innocent Until Proven GuiltyJn 7:51
"Who Made You the Boss?"Acts 7:27
A "Somebody" (A "Bigshot")Acts 8:9
"Christian"Acts 11:26
More Blessed to Give Than ReceiveActs 20:35
"I Told You So"Acts 27:21
"Original" SinRom 5:12,19
Garbage in, garbage outRom 8:6
It's All GoodRom 8:28
The Powers That BeRom 13:1
All You Need is LoveRom 13:9-10
No Man is an IslandRom 14:7
"Risk your neck..."Rom 16:4
Denominational DivisionsI Cor 1:12
"Who Made You the Expert?"I Cor 4:7
One Bad Apple Spoils the Whole BunchI Cor 5:6
When in Rome, Do as the Romans DoI Cor 9:19
"Charity"I Cor 13:13
Idea of Being "Proactive"II Cor 9:2
Don't Take Credit for Another Person's WorkII Cor 9:16
Don't Go to Bed AngryEph 4:26
A "Labor of Love"I Thess 1:3
If You Don't Work, You Don't EatII Thess 3:10
Old Wive's TalesI Tim 4:7
The Love of Money at the Root of Many EvilsI Tim 6:10
"You Cretin!"Titus 1:12
Be Quick to Hear and Slow to SpeakJames 1:19
The Weaker SexI Pet 3:7
"Crystal" ClearRev 21:11
The "Pearly" GatesRev 21:21

That which has been is that which will be,
and that which has been done is that which will be done.
So there is nothing new under the sun.

Ecclesiastes 1:9